Monday, January 26, 2009

5 Things.........

5 Things that I did yesterday. Not very interesting, but I never respond to these things. So racked with guilt here goes!
I finally got proof that my babes are Right & Left handed! Dawson thus far is left hand dominant & Declan is right hand dominant! Mirror image identical twins possibly.
On Wednesday of this week, I know I am cheating since this didn't happen yesterday. Anyway, I took the kids to the Zoo. It is an incredible place! The kids have begged ever since to go back. The weather was gorgeous 72 degrees, perfect!

We kept running into these peacocks just wandering around the zoo grounds. So Evan took the camera & ran after this peacock for his picture.

You cannot tell from this picture, but I went to Aveda and got my hair highlighted. You cannot see any gray can you?
I also treated myself to a Jamba Juice( Caribbean Passion!).
And last but not least I went fishing in the registers for everything that has been missing. I didn't find Carter's missing tennis shoes, but I did find a couple of pacifiers and a sippy cup of milk, tons of hotwheel cars and a few legos.
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Kathy V
What did you do today?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Housefull of Christmas!

We were fortunate enough to have a house-full of company for Christmas. 17 in all home for the holidays! Chaotic, but fun. We fortunately have a finished basement that suited the children perfectly. Sleeping bags lined the floor. To be a child again and sleep wherever you land. Carter enters after the babies.

The babes entered first on Christmas morning, escorted by their new favorite cousin Bailey.

The rest anxiously awaited. Dylan, Clara, Evan Brigham, & Ethan.

Christmas break has been full of fun activities. We found this rock wall for the kids to climb. Evan chose a challenging course & did wonderful.

Tradition calls for Pawpaw making chocolate covered cherries w/ the assistance of all the grandkids. Dylan, Ethan & Brigham rolling out balls of fondant.

Clara, Evan & Carter covering the cherries w/ fondant under the supervision of Pawpaw.

We drove up the mountain to Estes Park and along the way we saw long horn sheep. Apparently the camera man forgot to zoom in on them. Where the Long horn sheep? Can you spy the herd?

We also came across 6 Elk posing for the camera. Can you spy the elk?

The kids crowded in a horse drawn carriage around the historical downtown of Louisville Colorado.

Ice Skating in Downtown Louisville Colorado.

Clara & Brigham

Uncle Ryan & Clara

The kids got a new remote control car. They are all looking on as Dad checks it out!

The babies playing with their new kitchen.

California Dylan doesn't get to play in the snow that often. He had a blast playing in the snow after we found him enough warm clothes. He & Carter had a snow ball fight. Not enough snow to build a snowman.

Oh Christmas Tree!