Monday, August 20, 2007

How Mortifying!

When Carter was just over 3 years old he miraculously began to potty train himself. I cannot take any credit for it, I just simply followed his lead. Evan was impossibly difficult to train so I never expected to train Carter so easily. Anyhow, today we were at Chick-Fil-A eating lunch when Carter had to go "Squeeze" (as he affectionately calls having a bowel movement). So b/c I was feeding a baby I was unable to accompany him to the restroom. I sent Evan instead. No big deal I had a clear shot at the restroom door so I patiently watched for their safe return. Well, Evan decided that Carter was big enough to handle it on his own, "He knows the way back", he said. Annoyed that he hadn't waited for his brother I continued to watch for him to come back. No big deal he followed shortly. After the boys were all done playing on the playground they traded in their toys for icecream. We regrouped in the dining room as they ate their icecream cones. We were in no hurry and were watching the rain pound the windows, glad that we were not out in it. An assistant manager came over and asked, "Maam, can I talk to you privately?". Privately! The restraunt was empty. What could he possibly say to me that he could not say in front of the kids? Anyhow I followed him and then stopped in front of the store, but in view of the children. Anyhow, he continued to tell me that my precious son had had a bowel movement in the urinal! What was I to do?! I simply blushed and said how sorry I was. But honestly, did he want me to go into the men's restroom and clean it? He said, " I have a boy I am toilet training as well and I wanted this to become a teaching moment for your son. Don't worry about it, we have already cleaned it up." All I could say was," I am so sorry, I thought he knew how to use a urinal", and proceed back to my kids and pack them up to leave in the pouring rain. Once we were in the van I explained to Carter that the toilets hanging on the walls were for potty only, that poop could not be flushed in those toilets. That he needed to be sure the toilet had a door around it and water in the bottom of it for the poop to splash, then he could "squeeze" in those toilets. What a conversation to have with a 4 year old and where was Matt for all of this? I am not knowledgable in the urinal department. Who knows, I guess there could be water in the bottom of them? Whatever, it was still mortifying. Carter is notorious for not shutting the bathroom door when he goes, but he has never done this before. Or has he???????

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Carter's Day

What a day! Today we celebrated Carter's 4th birthday. Matt had a company picnic at a fun park. Carter thought everyone was their for his party. He got to ride go-carts and bumper boats and play in the arcade, he was in Heaven! Then we came home and gave him his presents. How fun it is to be 4! Unfortunately it was not a very reverent Sabath day, but we were all together as a family.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My baby boys are 6 months old!

Wow how time flies! I took this candid shot of them in their crib. They are both nearly sitting up on their own (they still require minimal assistance w/ the boppy pillow). As you will notice one baby is dressed and one is naked. Not so we can tell them apart, actually Dawson has eczema from head to toe. You cannot tell in the picture how bad it really is thank goodness! Needless to say their milestone 6 mo professional pictures will have to wait. They continue to be great babies, very good natured and easy for the most part. Thank Heavens!

Dawson falling asleep at the wheel

Glimpse into the Future

Last night I got a brief glimpse at what the future may hold for us. We ordered a large pizza for dinner. I sat and watched it be devoured in no time. Evan even asked me if I was going to finish what was on my plate! Until now we have always had leftovers from a large pizza. Growing boys! I asked Matt how many gallons of milk are we going to be going through a week 10 years from now? Or how many pizzas it will take to fill everyone up? Boxes of cereal a week? We already go through 4-5 boxes a week! I then quickly thought of Jacob and his tribe brothers eating at the bonfire that night in La Plush.(PATHETIC, I know!) Is this really what my future holds w/ raising four boys?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nothing Like a Good Romance

Whew, I just finished Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. Awesome, I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't read it. I am just on a gushy romantic high. Gotta love a good romance. Matt just shakes his head and laughs at me, if only he knew how lucky he could get, he wouldn't be blowing this off!
I am still very much an amateur at this blog thing. So bear w/ me as I figure out how to post pictures and all. I promise I will figure this out so ya'll can see my georgeous babies and big boys of course!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Boys