Friday, February 29, 2008

A cigar anyone?

Welcome to the Boys Club! Declan on the let, Daws on the right.
Dawson waving.
Declan gazing.
This is how we found our love bugs the other night. They truly have to be touching when they sleep. So much for seperating them into different beds at 4-5 months.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I love having the office in the babies old room. It is so bright and cheery(the same reason I loved it for the nursery). The contrast of the brown and black office furniture works well w/ the yellow. And who wouldn't love a refrigerator and microwave in the office!?
We still have to paint the cord keeper red to match the wall.
We got negative feedback on this room previously so we painted the top of the chair rail the lighter tan that is in the rest of house. Before it was all chocolate w/ the white chair rail and crown molding. Apparently it was "too dark". It was much richer looking before.

Our realtor had requested a couple of specific pictures of the house in order to update the listing. While I was already sending them to her I decided to post them here too. What the heck! We painted the bathroom this nautical blue and put up wainscoating. Send buyers our way!

From Trash to Treasure

We love thrift store finds! We found this table at the Good Will several years ago for $10. It was originally army green in color and the paint was chipping. With a little sanding, spray paint & some new hardware, now look at our beautiful piece( it is supposed to be distressed). Refinishing furniture is so gratifying, not to mention cost efficient!

Bye Bye Bottles!

Hello Sippy Cups! We have never had a problem ridding our home of bottles on the kid's 1 year birthday and the babies are no exception!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sugar Crash!

Although they had more sugar today then they have ever had, I don't really believe it was a true sugar crash. They hadn't really napped all day due to our 1-4 pm church schedule.
Dawson & Declan's new favorite toy! Big Hit! This toy gets rave reviews, we love it so far(all four boys play with it!). It does so much from light swithes & mailboxes and windows & doors to door bells to ABC's and counting and 21 different songs and so on.......Happy Birthday Boys!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Dawson had no trouble digging into his "Ding Dong Cake"!
YUMMY! Bathtime is next!
Declan, not so much! It is funny we have heard from different families how they choose to celebrate their twins birthdays, some as individual parties, while others celebrate with one combined party. The babies dictated their own party. Dawson was the first to arrive into this world and the first to celebrate his 1st birthday. Declan arrived 9 minutes after Dawson, so it was very fitting that he slept allowing Daws his moment to shine.
Once Declan awoke, he too enjoyed his very own cake. He was digging that marshmallow cream filling.Although the presents were very much appreciated, the boys really didn't get into them. The ribbon was the most exciting thing for them.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

My three youngest Valentine's. Declan, Dawson & Carter
Move over Martha Stewart!
Carter & I had a good time in the kitchen!
A heart for Evan & Carter.
A few of my favorite things, the color red, red cowboy boots & the 4 year old boy who wears them.

Is it Wrong to be Excited about a Divorce?

It sounds so evil of me! We got news from our realtor that a previous potential buyer of our home had contacted her. After our realtor got to talking to this lady she discovered that she knew a lot about our home and asked if she had toured it w/ another realtor. "No", she explained, "but we've seen it 3-4 times (when it was by owner) and I want this house!" Yeah for us, unfortunately for her she is going through a divorce and that is the reason she has come back to our home. I am so ready to get on w/ our lives outside of this home, but I feel evil to be glad about a divorce b/c it benefits me! To quote a popular reality show, (getting deep, words of wisdom from reality TV) "It's just businness, nothing personal. At the end of the day..............." I will sleep fine, I did nothing to cause this family to get a divorce. Right?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long Awaited, Highly Anticipated-BUST!

Well, we finally made the big purchase, a flat screen LCD TV. Christmas after Christmas Matt was disappointed for not receiving a flat screen. Well, Uncle Sam was good to us this year so we decided to indulge ourselves. We finally receive this gift in the mail, perfect timing , we were all held up sick w/a stomach virus. What better thing to do than sit around watching TV all day. The stinking thing is broken! SO, now we have to go through the trouble off shipping it back and waiting for the replacement! I guess we have waited this long.

It's exhausting being a baby!

Dawson fell asleep while playing.
Who needs toys, just toy buckets! (Dawson)
Declan crashed!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Motherhood: Because you couldn't pay someone enough to take your job

I love my family dearly, when they are healthy! I am up to my eyeballs in diarrhea & vomit, mine and five other lucky family member's. What a sight this a.m. when I had to run to CVS for more Pedialyte and Gingerale, braless, doning a baseball cap, no makeup, no coat and carrying a barf bucket of my very own. Who else was going to do it?