Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is it Wrong to be Excited about a Divorce?

It sounds so evil of me! We got news from our realtor that a previous potential buyer of our home had contacted her. After our realtor got to talking to this lady she discovered that she knew a lot about our home and asked if she had toured it w/ another realtor. "No", she explained, "but we've seen it 3-4 times (when it was by owner) and I want this house!" Yeah for us, unfortunately for her she is going through a divorce and that is the reason she has come back to our home. I am so ready to get on w/ our lives outside of this home, but I feel evil to be glad about a divorce b/c it benefits me! To quote a popular reality show, (getting deep, words of wisdom from reality TV) "It's just businness, nothing personal. At the end of the day..............." I will sleep fine, I did nothing to cause this family to get a divorce. Right?

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