Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're 17 months old, on the 17th wearing our 17 shirts!

Dawson, Matt & Declan. Apparently I interrupted Dawson during his important phone call!
Today was another milestone, or so I thought! I have been super reluctant and vigilant about the babies not having peanut butter. With all of their sensitive skin issues and respiratory problems I was holding out. But today I just gave in and tried it(uncrustables are so easy & quick). Apparently, while on Matt's watch Carter fed the babies ritz peanut butter crackers. No reaction yet so we may just be in the clear! Declan on the left, Daws on the right.
Declan & Dawson eating peanut butter!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Balboa Park Mosaic Art This wasn't the train Carter really wanted to ride, but it did the trick.
Ready to EJECT at the USS Midway Museum
Armed w/ their maps and ready to go!
Carter was way to into this for my liking!
We had the opportunity last week to tag along w/Matt on a business trip to San Diego. We left the babies behind w/ Grandma Jean and made it exclusively for the older boys. Every activity we planned we could not have done w/ the babies( at least it would have been difficult or miserable or both). Flying for instance was such a thrill w/ only 2 big boys! We visited Legoland! We quickly discovered that we are raising 2 Roller Coaster enthusiasts! Although Carter is only 4, he is the size of most 6 year olds and could and did ride all the big rides! Many of them multiple times. We also visited the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum, the boys liked it, I would have rather stayed behind and gone shopping or something. They played at the pool everyday, really they would have probably been content to do this the entire week. W ventured out to the movies, rare for us. We saw Wall-E. Don't bother seeing it! We went to Balboa park and saw a model train museum and then rode a small train. San Diego has miriads of transportation options from pedi-cabs to taxis to busses to trains to trollies to water taxis. Carter was in heaven! We rode a pedi-cab one night. Coronado island was a fun beach adventure, as well as Mission Beach where Matt and Evan were quite successful at body surfing! We had a blast, we missed the babies, but the big boys have asked if we could make this an annual tradition! Of course we didn't capture enough of our trip on camera, but these are some shots that we did get.