Saturday, December 29, 2007

Whoppers Anyone?

Oh I am sorry, THE BABIES ATE THEM ALL! The entire box! Thankfully they did not choke and they are not allergic to chocolate. Declan was just as guilty as Dawson, but Dawson was caught red-handed. They couldn't just eat them, they had to smear them all over the wall, the carpet, and each other.

Merry Christmas!

Although Christmas wasn't white here in Indiana, we had a wonderful day. The kids didn't wake us up until 830 a.m. and we were able to stall them until about 915 or so before opening presents. Santa was good to us this year, but as always he went OVERBOARD. We say every year how we have got to cut back, but as the kids get older it gets harder for Santa I am afraid. It is very hard to instill the True meaning of Christmas to the kids when they get everything they ask for. We need to try harder as parents to give more of ourselves as a family. It's easy to buy for a needy family, but I don't think the lesson is learned. It's funny, Teach the Children is one of my favorite holiday stories. Matt holding Dawson on the left, Declan on the right. Look at those curls! The babies got a tooth for Christmas. Just poking through, but a tooth none the less. Declan is getting top right tooth. While Dawson is getting the opposite top left tooth. Kind of crazy.

Monday, December 17, 2007

We're 10!

10 Months, that is. The boys love playing in the sheers. Dawson above. Declan below.

Bright Baby Blues! I think their eyes will remain blue, what do you think? Atleast Declan's will. Declan seems to be Carter all over again. And Dawson seems to resemble Evan more. Ev has green eyes. Who knows? Both Evan and Carter are left handed, could we possibly have 4 left handed boys? I wonder what the odds of having 4 left handed children would be?

You know you are old when.....

You know you are getting old when...... You are older than your Doctor (who cannot possibly know anything). Your favorite music Classic Rock, is now considered "OLDIES". Matt is sensitive about his age. The funny thing is..... he will always be 6 years OLDER than me!

Christmas Letters

Evan mailing his letter to Santa. Indpls has a mailbox just for Santa. It is our annual tradition to have the boys mail their Christmas wish lists. Afterwards we read a story about the true meaning of Christmas and all of the symbols of Christmas.
Carter in his true character. Carter has misplaced his coat! How on earth one can lose a coat when it is 20 degrees outside? The problem is that he & Evan exchanged Colts jerseys as their Christmas gifts to each other on Friday. Carter will not take it off. He refused to wear a coat over his jersey as well. So I am hoping that he left it at the church on Friday. Until I can get down to Greenwood to retrieve it, he looks like a rag muffin. Oh well, to be a kid ...........

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good as New!

Believe it or not Declan has had 5 or more ear infections since birth! No one would believe me, Dawson has always been the needier of the two. But today 12/11/07 Declan received tubes in his ears. He was a champ! He came out of anesthesia angry at the world, but it only lasted about 20 minutes. He was not supposed to have any milk until mid afternoon. We got home from the hospital about 10 am and immeadiately Declan stole Dawson's bottle of milk! He didn't have any adverse effects thank goodness.

Ahhhhhh Colorado!

Beautiful Huh? This was our view of the Zephyr Mt. Logde at Winter Park. It was a winter wonderland for sure . The snow seemed more magical than dangerous.
Although the base of the mountain was 4 feet deep, there were only a handful of runs open. This was the first official week of snow in Winter Park.
This was me after a full day of skiing WInter Park. Still smiling and intact! I actually remembered more than I thought I would. Matt was bushed and soaking wet! He did a full day of snow boarding lessons. He is a terrific skier, but tried snowboarding out.
Okay, terrible picture of me, but the scenery was too cute. Mountain village all the way! This trip just solidified my desire to move to Colorado. I cannot wait to make it my home! We are still planning on making the move in the fall. The kids will be starting school in the Douglas or Jefferson County school districts.