Monday, October 27, 2008

What do you do on Sunday Evenings?

This is what we do.

ABC's first....

I was checking on the babies the other day and tis is what I found! First I checked to make sure Declan was breathing, then I ran and grabbed the camera! AIRWAY, BREATHING & CIRCULATION first always!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Republican Street!

We have apparently moved to a Republican street or neighborhood. Politics seems to bring out the worst in people. We had an officer knock on the door this past week asking if we were the home that reported their Obama signs stolen? We do not display our political preferences, but apparently of all the political signs on our street all of the Obama signs were stolen! The display was about 50/50 then 100% McCain for a short time! I guess that was the point!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


While Matt was out of town the kids were on break for parent-teacher conferences. We got a little stir crazy and decided to check out Colorado's version of a pumpkin patch. We stumbled upon Fritzler's Acres. We were quite sad that our annual tradition of going to Nauvoo's Pumpkin Walk and our favorite pumpkin patch in Illinois would no longer be feasible and knew that we would be unable to find a comparable pumpkin patch. Fritzler's Acres was much more commercialized and pricey, but fun nonetheless.

Commander Cody claims he has a Magnifying Mask, so I challenged him to clean up all of the crumbs!
Carter driving the pedal go-karts.
Evan on the pedal go-kart.
Declan trying to figure out the pedal go-kart.
We rode this barrel train!
I don't know what I was thinking! This inflatable creature was a maze inside, nothing spooky, completely dark, supposedly stroller friendly. WRONG! Nothing about this thing was stroller
friendly and it was spooky. NOT for the claustrophobic. We were all a mess inside this THING. The emergency exits were not large enough for the stroller to fit through, although Evan kept jumping out the emergency exits I had to keep pulling him back in b/c I had no idea where he would be once we came out at the end. I could just see this whole thing deflating on us b/c I kept ramming into the sides w/the stroller just trying to make it through! After this fiasco I was very reluctant to try and navigate the corn maze w/o another adult to accompany us. We would have for sure gotten stuck in the dark in the middle of the corn field.
Dawson in the corn sand box.
Declan playing in the corn.
Carter making a corn angel.

Matt went on a Business trip & brought back........

A 100lb Boxer named COSMO. He is older at between 6-8 yrs old, quite geriatric in Boxer years. But b/c of his age he is EXTREMELY GENTLE and VERY PATIENT. The babies love on him constantly with no reaction on Cosmo's part.

Declan mounting Cosmo.
The babies trying to figure this thing out.
Dawson trying to hitch a ride, but going nowhere. Notice his fingers poking Cosmo in the eye, again with no reaction on Cosmo's behalf. GOOD BOY!
Hulk trying to catch a snooze with the big lug. Cosmo is not too into forced naps.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Pics of the Boys

Evan & Carter debuting their new hair-cuts from the Able Barbiere!
Declan saying "cheese"!

Dawson saying "me"!

CLASS OF 2021 & 2025

A picture can elicit soo many emotions! One that came to my mind was HOLY COW! Especially when I realized the babies will be graduating in 2025! Carter doesn't have any concept of time yet, he has been going around saying he is 2021! And the other night he and Matt were playing the Wii, and Carter was legitimately beating Matt at whatever they were playing. I piped up and said, "Matt are you getting beat by a 5 year old?" And Carter chimed in saying," I am beating an 80 year old!" Matt was none to happy of Carter's assessment of his father's age. I guess I should stop calling Matt old, little ears are listening and they take everything so literally.

Friday, October 3, 2008

1st Week Down!

Tonight we will have officially been in our new home for 1 week! Lot's of changes, mostly good. We have yet to attend our new ward, but the kids love their new school and are finding that making friends is easier than they thought it would be. The new school schedule is kicking my butt! There is no bus service, meaning I walk or ride bikes to the school 3 round trips a day, yes 6 one way trips daily. Evan & I leave at 725 am, depending who is awake, they tag along. Next week Matt will be traveling so I am on my own,everyone must go at 725 am! Then after I return home from round 1, Carter and the babies & I eat breakfast and get ready for the day only to leave at 1125 to take Carter to Kindergarten. Then if the stars are aligned, the babies will nap when we return. Only to be woken up at 215 to run out the door for the final trip to pick the kids up! Shew! Who needs an eliptical? Oh and every Wednesday is early release day, school lets out at 115pm! Come on! it would be impossible to have a job around this schedule. However, I did start my new position this week thanks to Matt being able to work from home! I was able to drive down to Canon City(pronounced Canyon City). It was a 330 mile round trip adventure all by myself! I really enjoyed my first assignment!I said goodbye and closed the door to my labor & delivery saga. We are getting situated rather well, the house is really taking shape nicely. We have a million projects that we would like to do in time! We are adjusting well and enjoying our new surroundings! Next week is sure to bring new adventures!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mouser for Hire!

You may laugh, but I am not! Growing up in the country surrounded by fields, I have had my fair share of mice. Moving into a filthy vacant home we naively thought being neat freaks as we are, we will just thoroughly clean the place and add new carpet and the mice will disappear. WRONG! So Matt & I joked that we just needed to put an add on Craigslist to borrow a cat to rid our home of mice. Well wouldn't you know I found an add for a temporary home for 2 cats! So we welcomed our mousers this afternoon, Puffy & Miagi. They are still freaked out about the move and have hidden all afternoon & evening. They will be busy tonight! I will post some pictures when the cats come out of their shells. Who could ask for anything more, no expense to us, no long-term committment of adopting a pet & we will rid our home of mice! Carter is in Heaven!