Monday, October 6, 2008

CLASS OF 2021 & 2025

A picture can elicit soo many emotions! One that came to my mind was HOLY COW! Especially when I realized the babies will be graduating in 2025! Carter doesn't have any concept of time yet, he has been going around saying he is 2021! And the other night he and Matt were playing the Wii, and Carter was legitimately beating Matt at whatever they were playing. I piped up and said, "Matt are you getting beat by a 5 year old?" And Carter chimed in saying," I am beating an 80 year old!" Matt was none to happy of Carter's assessment of his father's age. I guess I should stop calling Matt old, little ears are listening and they take everything so literally.

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Jenny B said...

Yeah, it was wierd when we were at Bekah's kindergarten orientation and the principal said "welcome, class of 2019" That seems so far out it the future!