Saturday, October 11, 2008


While Matt was out of town the kids were on break for parent-teacher conferences. We got a little stir crazy and decided to check out Colorado's version of a pumpkin patch. We stumbled upon Fritzler's Acres. We were quite sad that our annual tradition of going to Nauvoo's Pumpkin Walk and our favorite pumpkin patch in Illinois would no longer be feasible and knew that we would be unable to find a comparable pumpkin patch. Fritzler's Acres was much more commercialized and pricey, but fun nonetheless.

Commander Cody claims he has a Magnifying Mask, so I challenged him to clean up all of the crumbs!
Carter driving the pedal go-karts.
Evan on the pedal go-kart.
Declan trying to figure out the pedal go-kart.
We rode this barrel train!
I don't know what I was thinking! This inflatable creature was a maze inside, nothing spooky, completely dark, supposedly stroller friendly. WRONG! Nothing about this thing was stroller
friendly and it was spooky. NOT for the claustrophobic. We were all a mess inside this THING. The emergency exits were not large enough for the stroller to fit through, although Evan kept jumping out the emergency exits I had to keep pulling him back in b/c I had no idea where he would be once we came out at the end. I could just see this whole thing deflating on us b/c I kept ramming into the sides w/the stroller just trying to make it through! After this fiasco I was very reluctant to try and navigate the corn maze w/o another adult to accompany us. We would have for sure gotten stuck in the dark in the middle of the corn field.
Dawson in the corn sand box.
Declan playing in the corn.
Carter making a corn angel.

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Jenny B said...

Ha Ha! We were in UT this weekend and I wanted to take the kids to a pumpkin patch. We ended up at Thanksgiving Point and decided it was way overpriced-it had the same dinosaur blow-up thing. It was really cold and windy so we went to the museum instead.