Saturday, October 11, 2008

Matt went on a Business trip & brought back........

A 100lb Boxer named COSMO. He is older at between 6-8 yrs old, quite geriatric in Boxer years. But b/c of his age he is EXTREMELY GENTLE and VERY PATIENT. The babies love on him constantly with no reaction on Cosmo's part.

Declan mounting Cosmo.
The babies trying to figure this thing out.
Dawson trying to hitch a ride, but going nowhere. Notice his fingers poking Cosmo in the eye, again with no reaction on Cosmo's behalf. GOOD BOY!
Hulk trying to catch a snooze with the big lug. Cosmo is not too into forced naps.


Amy said...

Oh you go again. I guess at least it's good that this one is melow!

Melissa said...

Nathan will be so jealous...we have been talking about replacing our boxer lately. Not in this house though!!!!

We just got back from Nauvoo and I thought of you lots!

Nana said...

Yeh, it seems alot of the neighborhoods are up in arms about all of the political signs about Obama & McCain. I will just be glad to have it over. Perhaps, our stock market will level out and we can get on with business....I love the new pics with Cosmo & the babies. They do look enthralled with him. I hope he stays so dossle with them. Love to all, Nana

Sandy said...

Congrats on the new boxer! He looks my old Dante! And he looks loved!