Monday, June 29, 2009


My Gorgeous Blue Eyed Boys!




Dawson & Declan
Thanks for the pics Kasi, they turned out fabulous! I cannot wait to see the rest.

Home Again!

We (the kids and my mother-in-law and I) had the chance to go back to the midwest for a week. Just a fun little road-trip to see family and friends and play! We had a great time! The kids were exceptionally good in the car(for the most part), I mean it was 3100 miles worth of driving! We made a stop over in Nauvoo,IL and left Grandma Jean there with her sister Betty for the week.

Some of the highlights were my B-day, my mom treated me to a mani-pedi! Matt spoiled me with a new camera, I shouldn't tell this part because I wasn't any better at taking pictures than I usually am. So for no reason I really don't have many pictures documenting our time away. I will rely on friends and family to send me some of their pics.
It was funny & a little sad to me how many things the older boys had forgotten in 1 short year since moving away. Of course as soon as we were in Brownsburg Evan swore he wanted to move back b/c of his favorite restaurant, BOB EVANS. And then their memories were suddenly flooded with all of their favorites that we simply cannot get in Denver like White Castle (frozen from the grocery store are not the same), Rally's, Steak N Shake, Donatos Pizza, Ritters frozen custard and Bob Evans. We tried our hardest to fit them all into our dining experience. The kids & I fell right back into playing with our friends as we scheduled play dates all week long. It was fun seeing everyone again. In one short year 6 of my friends or close acquaintances bore children. It was fun to meet these new tikes.
My family was able to take a day off work and head to Kings Island in Cincinnati Ohio. This was very reminiscent of growing up as this was the closest theme park back then. Fun and way overpriced we played at the water park during the heat of the day and then rode mostly kiddie rides in Nickelodeon Universe. The kids had a blast and were tuckered out by the end.
We spent more time with family and friends and then had to head back to Nauvoo, IL to pick up Grandma Jean and head home.
We made a stop or created a stop rather at Matt's families homes in Springfield, Missouri. We dropped Grandma off at her other sister Dorothy's home and the kids & I rove around the corner to Matt's cousin Rachel's home. She has three boys all pretty close to my boys ages. They have acres of woods! The kids were very content and thrilled to be able to explore & play with new toys for the day. It was a very short day and then we had to head back to Denver.
Again the boys did fabulous in car on the way home. Now it is back to the same old around the house. The kids decided on hour 13 of the drive that next vacation we were definitely flying!