Thursday, February 19, 2009


Okay, I am not as organized as you all! I do not have files of pictures. I have two full SD cards and the rest, pre-digital are organized by year. So here is what you get #66 on my SD card in lieu of the 6th folder and the 6th picture.

This is Dawson & Declan playing with my aforementioned digital camera. They were about 15 months old.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Babies are 2!

The proud parents!
Declan's CHEEZE!

Dawson saying CHEEZE, take the picture already mom!

The party is over, saying goodbye to Grandma Jean & Jerre.

Declan's favorite game of Catch & Release, he is adorable when he jumps up in an effort to catch the balloon on it's way up!

We had to wake the sleeping babes for the party. It took them a long time to wake up and get into & become the life of the party.

Declan still loves necklaces or anything around his neck. We dubbed these his party necklaces.

Two new trikes!

I have loads to say about my kiddos! They are fabulous, except when I cannot get them to take a nap & also during the 3rd hour of church, otherswise they are the most even tempered jolly guys! They continue to fascinate us with their differences & similarities. They are just so fun! Harder now then ever as far as CLIMBING and RUNNING everywhere. I still have a hard time taking them anywhere by myself w/o a stroller, they take off in opposite directions. Getting them in & out of the car has proved to be somewhat of a challenge, unless I am parked in the garage Declan runs across the culdesac & Dawson runs next door. Dawson is still the instigator and has a fierce attitude at times, he is slow to warm up, but has no fear(except for the burning candle on top of his cake)! Declan is a momma's boy. He loves to flirt & play peek-a-boo, but he would rather stay on my lap while doing so. He is very kind hearted. They are learning to say please & thank you. When Dawson refuses to say please, Declan will say it for him and share his cookie. They have officially outgrown their pacifiers, or more truthfully ruined all of their paci s by chewing wholes in them, so I guess I can no longer call them by babies.