Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Thing They R Cute!

Evan is becoming an adolescent much too quickly & is in his awkward not wanting to shower or groom himself stage! GROSS! And three more coming up behind him, ugh. His latest comment regarding this stage was, "Mom just buy me some Fabreeze and I will spray myself down instead of showering!" Seriously can't you just see him saying that?
Then we have Carter who is constantly wishing he were 5 years older because he cannot wait to conquer everything and everyone! He is constantly wanting to do & beat Evan in everything, literally,physically and mentally. Ay, Ay, Ay, Carter, Carter, Carter!
Last but not least the babies are really starting to talk more and more each day except they don't quite have all of the vocabulary to express themselves completely. Too cute though! They're latest expression is "light on, all gone" or "bye bye light on", when they could simply say "light off", but that wouldn't be as cute would it?