Sunday, May 3, 2009


Our dear Evan is now 9 years old! Where have the last nine years gone? Oh Evan, there is so much that can be said of Evan. He is very literal, Black & White! As a child of 4 years he had a dream of his Daddy flying him on a magic carpet ride to China. But not his Matt-Daddy. I can remember the afternoon that he told me this dream. He was soo excited! Every since he has been infatuated with China & the Chinese culture. So it was no surprise when asked what he wanted for his treat to take to his class he said sushi(technically Japanese). After much convincing I was able to concede and bring candy sushi to pass out to his class on his birthday. It was a bear to make, but what mom doesn't try to bend over backwards for their child? I gave it my best shot, but my back doesn't bend, leave alone backwards! For his birthday dinner he chose he second favorite food, mashed potatoes. We took him to Golden Corral, all you can eat buffet. He stood on a chair and had the staff at the restaurant sing their version of Happy Birthday, the entire time he was embarrassed and uttering to his father that he was gonna get him for this! We finished his fun filled day at Boondocks riding go carts and playing video games! He had a good day, and that was enough for Evan! Happy Birthday Budd! A few days later he celebrated with a small family gathering where Evan iced his own Yellow Fudge Marble Bundt cake, YUM!

More Different than Ever!

Trying to keep the boys out of Evan's birthday presents all day while Ev was at school proved to be difficult.

Are you Okay? and giving luvs after beating one another happens hundreds of time a day!

Dawson laying on top of Declan.

Posing for the camera! Dawson in yellow & of course Declan in blue.

Dawson in Jail! Look at that pathetic face.

Clothes hampers! Who knew they were so fascinating? No one likes them when they have clothes clothes in them, clean or dirty!
Dawson is officially pulling ahead! At their 2 year physical Dawson is 1/4 of an inch taller and 4 ounces heavier than Declan. Otherwise they are still exactly the same!

Declan not easily defeated can be just as mean as Dawson, and then kiss and make up.

Official stats:
Weighng in at 25.6 pounds & standing 34 1/2 inches tall is Dawson.
Not far behind is Declan weighing in at 25.2 pounds, standing 34 1/4 inches tall.