Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good as New!

Believe it or not Declan has had 5 or more ear infections since birth! No one would believe me, Dawson has always been the needier of the two. But today 12/11/07 Declan received tubes in his ears. He was a champ! He came out of anesthesia angry at the world, but it only lasted about 20 minutes. He was not supposed to have any milk until mid afternoon. We got home from the hospital about 10 am and immeadiately Declan stole Dawson's bottle of milk! He didn't have any adverse effects thank goodness.

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David Sycamore said...

We are glad you are back and had a wonderful time in Colorado! I am glad the ear tubes went well. Nice to have that done I bet. We missed you at play group and last Sunday. hope to see you soon. - Heather