Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're 17 months old, on the 17th wearing our 17 shirts!

Dawson, Matt & Declan. Apparently I interrupted Dawson during his important phone call!
Today was another milestone, or so I thought! I have been super reluctant and vigilant about the babies not having peanut butter. With all of their sensitive skin issues and respiratory problems I was holding out. But today I just gave in and tried it(uncrustables are so easy & quick). Apparently, while on Matt's watch Carter fed the babies ritz peanut butter crackers. No reaction yet so we may just be in the clear! Declan on the left, Daws on the right.
Declan & Dawson eating peanut butter!


Nana said...

What a handsome bunch! Boy, the babies are looking so big to me already. Boy, do I miss you and your little hugs. I must admit the haircuts do look good. Love to all, Nana

Amy said...

Time is FLYING!!!! Look how big they are!? Even them sitting in their highchairs, I can see how long their legs are. Crazy. Glad no reactions to peanut butter :)

Jenny B said...

I'm just glad that we finally get to meet them this fall. We are excited to come out and see you guys. Poor Bekah will be the only girl among all these boys.