Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Alas, Time to Resurface!

Back to reality, after 4 1/2 days of fantasy my book is over. While I am elated at the outcome it saddens me deeply to know that there will be no more vampire/werewolf stories coming, only a movie in Dec.! I am unsure how Hollywood could do it justice, but I will see as soon as it comes out. My house is sooo ridiculously neglected, as I also worked two nights while reading this book, meaning I absolutely did nothing besides eat, sleep, work and READ. So unlike me to read, Matt knew it was only temporary(this was the last of the series), he knew better than to say anything. Nothing would have stopped me. Now I have to focus on getting my home back in order and preparing for a talk I have to give in church on Sunday. If only I could transfer all of that gumption to my new tasks at hand!


Melissa said...

Ugh...i have to speak in chuch on Sunday too. And do sharing time. And all I've done is read that book. And I actually wouldn't mind re-reading it.

Heathelyn said...

HAHA! Breaking Dawn was great! When I got done reading Malia actually came up, gave me a hug and said she missed me. Guess I disappeared for a few days too.

Jenny B said...

Yeah, I pretty much neglected the fam for a couple of days. Oh well. I'm glad series is over so I am not waiting around for the rest of the story.