Sunday, August 17, 2008

Carter Goes to SCHOOL!

Carter began shool this past week! He is in afternoon kindergarten, so we have to drive him in the afternoon, but he gets to ride the bus home. Evan is on year-round school and was off track for Carter's first week of school, but typically they will be riding the bus home together. The bus stop is around the corner & out of site from our front porch which kind of worries me, but of course the boys love being out of site. Hummm I wonder why? On a side note, Carter is quite the ladies man. His teacher is Hot! He likes MRS. Whalen!


Jenny B said...

Wow-you guys start early! Bekah starts on the 25th-after just a 2 week "summer break". I don't mind year round-it breaks everythig up-plus it is too hot here in the summer so she might as well be in school. Don't they make sure that families have the same track schedule?

Nana said...

He looks so big, sorry I missed this. But, I am so excited for him. He is so ready for school. Keep getting those green cards, Bud. Love, Nana