Sunday, August 24, 2008


Evan & Carter celebrating Carter's birthday at Jungle Quest, having a zip line race.
In the Jungle Tree House.
Carter opening presents at the home we may or may not buy(we were there for the inspection).
New Carterisms: I have to check the FEVER outside! Having a brother isn't as horrible as I thought it might be! Hi s favorite number is 5,500- everything is 5,500. He absolutely loves school he says, "it's learning me a lot"! He seems to be doing well in all his left handed ways, with writing and coloring and all, much easier than Evan did at this age. Can't wait to see if the babies are going to be left handed, I wonder what the odds are of having 4 left handed kids w/ right handed parents? Life is never a bore w/ Carter around, he truly is our spitfire!

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Nana said...

I do so enjoy the pics, I am glad that you all had a good first Nursey Day. They are just too big. It sounds like Carter had a great b-day. Hope the house deal turns out well. Love, Nana
These moments pass all too quickly.