Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us!

Dawson had no trouble digging into his "Ding Dong Cake"!
YUMMY! Bathtime is next!
Declan, not so much! It is funny we have heard from different families how they choose to celebrate their twins birthdays, some as individual parties, while others celebrate with one combined party. The babies dictated their own party. Dawson was the first to arrive into this world and the first to celebrate his 1st birthday. Declan arrived 9 minutes after Dawson, so it was very fitting that he slept allowing Daws his moment to shine.
Once Declan awoke, he too enjoyed his very own cake. He was digging that marshmallow cream filling.Although the presents were very much appreciated, the boys really didn't get into them. The ribbon was the most exciting thing for them.

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The Heiner Story said...

The boys are so cute! I can't believe it is already their birthday! I love the cute new toy.