Friday, September 28, 2007

Imagination Station

It is always interesting what the boys will come up with when the TV, video games and bikes are taken away. This is no ordinary empty diaper box, this is the "Baby Express", you know a Zoo train just for babies. Admission is FREE of charge Carter expained,"because the babies couldn't possibly have money, silly".
Carter is the engine. Declan is the poor passenger.
Evan provided scenery. This is a monkey, there were also sharks and giraffes.
What is a Zoo train ride w/o music? Fun times! Until Dad comes downstairs to discover the huge mess made in the process!

This Can't Be Too Comfy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Soo Big

Matt and the boys hiked around the Keystone Arch in Nauvoo, IL. The river bed was dry, but Carter still managed to get his shoe all wet and he let everyone know how disgusted he was about it.

Meet the Happy Couple

Jean and Jerre Bentley wed in the Nauvoo Temple on Saturday September 15, 2007

7 months old!

The sink, good enough for one baby, even better for two babies. I don't know why I haven't thought of this sooner. Until now I have been bathing them seperately one right after another. This is such a time-saver.

Do you think they are teething or are they just in what Freud would call their oral stage?

The babies love to cuddle. We are having a hard time getting them to sleep, they won't leave one another alone. Once they are asleep they love cuddling.
Dawson getting into businness.
Carter takes full advantage of his captive audience as he puts on a puppet show for the babies.

Prelude to Chaos!

For about two weeks now we have watched the boys rock back and forth on their knees and lunge. They get where they want to go. Not a full blown crawl YET! Can you imagine the havic they will cause? We love them and are so blessed that they are not delayed in anyway, if anything they seemed to be more advanced!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Remembering 9/11/01

It was sobering to think about the events of 9/11/01 today. I can remember the first news broadcast about the first plane that crashed into the first tower, I was doing my psych rotation. I was actually on the pych unit. There was a gentleman that thought he was God and was always preaching to the patients about how everyone was going to hell. Well, this day he felt that he was validated. He knew that indeed the world was ending and everyone in it were hell-bound. Needless to say, the television was turned off. I remember Matt was traveling that day, by airplane, heading for California. His plane was grounded as was all air traffic, thank goodness. I remember crying all evening as I watched the TV. Evan was just about 18 months old toddling around, not a care in the world. Meanwhile I was talking w/ Matt on the phone getting updated on his traveling arrangements. If I remember right he was stranded in St Louis. The transportation in and out of the city was very limited. Either everything was already booked or shut down. Finally he and 5 or 6 other coworkers managed to secure and drive a rental car home. There were not enough seats for everyone, but they made it work. No one was left behind. I had an army of people, including our Bishop, calling the house to check on Matt and his whereabouts. When he finally made it home, he was then able to watch the footage of the plane crashes. How devastated and sick we felt as we watched in horror and disbelief. Fast forward to 9/11/07. I am at home w/ 4 children now as Matt is away in California on businness. I am so grateful that he was not on an airplane and very grateful indeed that today was uneventful.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Say Cheese!

Dawson on the left, Declan on the right, which is unusual because I try to always have Dawson on the right( so later on down the road I can always know who is who). It is getting much easier to tell them apart now!

The things we do while Evan is at school and Daddy at work. See what I mean about telling them apart? These must have been totally candid pictures because again, Dawson is on the left( I wouldn't have known that for certain, except for the picture above).

Look Ma we're sitting up!

This one is easy, Dawson is on the left, Declan on the right.

Feisty Little Guys!

Every boy needs a pair of cowboy boots! Not every boy chooses RED. That's our Carter!