Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Grinch Can't Steal our Christmas!

Oldtown Hotel
Old Towne Georgetown's 6th Ave

Twin Santa's Helpers

Evan & Carter in Georgetown, Colorado
Today is December 13th! Officially 12 Days before Christmas! So in light of the miserable week we had, we decided to try & bring the Christmas spirit into our home. We drove to the mountain town of Georgetown. They were having an old Victorian Christmas Market. It was fun to see the mountain village. It seemed 20 degrees colder up there & it was snowing. We then came home and tried our best to teach the big boys the true meaning of Christmas with our first of twelve Christmas lessons & Christmas songs. We also began our Service Star!
This poem is attached to a metal star ornament:
Here's a Magical Christmas Star
With a tradition old and true
May it bring you warmth and love
Not only at Christmas, but all year through.
Now every day til'the New Year
Find someone in your home,
And secretly do a deed of love
So your identity won't be known.
And when the secret act is done,
Place the star upon their bed.
They in turn do a secret deed
For another it is said.
And like the star so long ago
Lit the sky for all the world to see,
May this star bring light and joy
To your wonderful family.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

110 Christmas cards isn't even enough! Which I guess is a good thing(too many friends to quantify), right? Anyhow, if you have not received a personal card in the mail I apologize. Consider this your Able Christmas greeting. And know we value each and everyone of you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dawsy Bossy Boo! Such a Trooper

So Dawson smashed his finger in the trundle bud nearly four weeks ago and just this last weekend (while we were otherwise occupied) it became very red & inflamed. Long story.....3 hours in the Urgent Care and an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, another MD visit by our new Pediatrician Joseph Smith, a referral to an orthopedic surgeon & a 4 1/2 hour visit w/ more x-rays culminating with a SURGERY all for a smashed finger! AY, AY, AY. Did I mention Matt is out of town this week & Dawson's Uncle Craig had just passed away under general anesthesia 2 weeks ago? I was a basket case, but Dawson was a rock, one would never know he was hurting. Official diagnosis, Osteomyelitis. We are awaiting culture results to find out whether or not he will need a PICC line and infusion therapy x 1 month.

38 Balloons, Seriously So Sad!

38 Balloons for 38 vibrant years were released by his beloved children.

We had a very tearful Thanksgiving to say the least. Unfortunately, we went home to give support to my sister & her family and bid farewell to their husband & father. In memory of Craig Andrew Oliver who left this earth way before his time. There is a time and season for everything including death. We may not understand why Heavenly Father chose this time for Craig to come home, we must believe it is for a divine purpose!