Monday, October 22, 2007

Am I Good Enough?

While I was on bed rest for 10 weeks I had way too much time to think. I have pondered many a night as to why Heavenly Father is sending all of these twins to this earth at this time. Why my family? While I feel extremely blessed, I also feel so inadequate. Am I a good enough mother? Will my boys be as valient and faithful as the 2,000 Stripling Warriors? In this time of great turmoil in the world and knowing it will only get worse before it gets better, it causes one to wonder why there is such an increase in the amount of multiple births being born these days. I have read so many journal articles on this very topic and there really is no clear answer as to why this is happening. There are speculations, but does anyone really know? Will our son's be called to war? Will our son's be called on missions to usher in the Savior in the final days? Will they be strong enough to accept their callings? Am I doing all that I can do to make sure that their callings are fulfilled?

Buyer's Remorse

I am so annoyed! I pride myself in being a good shopper. I love to shop and I can find good deals. For instance I went to the Gap Outlet and bought 5 items. My total was less then the price of the most expensive item I bought( Carter's jeans $14.99, total purchase including 4 more shirts was $14.79). However, on Friday I took all 4 kids to Portrait Innovations to get their pictures taken. NO small task w/ 4 kids and clothing changes. The babies have not had their pictures taken since they were 13 weeks old. They are now 8 months old! Anyhow, the last time I went, I went to the Plainfield store. I wasn't too impressed w/ the guy who took the babies pictures. He did however manage to snap a few good shots. This time I went to the Carmel store to try and avoid a repeat performance from last time. EVEN WORSE! This chic was terrible. Out of more than 130 shots there were only 4 good ones. SERIOUSLY! Come on, that is rediculous. Dawson would not smile for anything! But the photographer certainly did not help the situation. I typically love this place and have recommended it to atleast 5 of my friends( who have all had good luck). In fact I believe I have earned a complimentary package for all of my referrals. Anyhow, when it came time to select the pictures three of the boys had really good individual shots. But what was I to do. Only buy three kid's pictures. What kind of mom would do that? I originally went in for the kid's Holiday pictures. None of the pictures in their "holiday" clothes turned out. So annoying! So I was forced into buying 4 packages (including Dawson's terrible picture) and spending way too much money. Why did I feel so pressured into buying any pictures, when all I really wanted was a cute Holiday picture? To top it all off after this stressful experience we were off to the Doctor's office for our flu shots!