Thursday, May 1, 2008


After 18 gruelling months, it is official! Maria(our realtor)has sold our house. We close on May 16th, yah in 2 weeks. And move on the 24th, just three weeks from now! To top it off Matt will be out of town or in meetings until the morning of the 24th. HELP! We asked for it alright! So Matt will be flying out next week to secure housing for us. He will be home in time to sing Happy Birthday to himself on Mother's Day to fly off again the following Day for Canada. He will be home just in time to sign the papers to get rid of this house and then is immediately indisposed for the week in a Conference. Ev's last day of school is the 22nd. Matt's last meeting ends on the 23rd. Moving on the 24th! Is this possible? Oh yah, Matt will be moving us out to Colorado, staying for a week to get us settled and then coming back to Indiana to work for the summer! Fortunately we already had a vacation planned the first two weeks of July so we will be together then. I couldn't do this summer thing w/o help so my mom has graciously agreed to come for the summer! Whew! I am tired already!


Sandy said...

Wow! that happened Quick! Congrats!

Indy Daleys said...

I'm so happy for you, but you will be so missed. I have felt that Brownsburg was too far away from us! You better keep this blog updated!