Monday, November 17, 2008

The Making of a Statue (dejavu)

CAUTION: not for weak stomachs!
So, two nights ago Carter awoke us way early in the morning crying b/c he didn't make it to the bathroom before throwing up. Needless to say he & Matt stayed home from church. We had a houseful of company so he was quarantined to the Master Bedroom for the day. Later in the day when our guests left I went up to get the babies out of bed & Dawson was covered from head to toe in vomit! I was not sure however if it were his or Declan's. It was on the bed & Declan as well. Dawson must have heard my wonderment and decided to prove to me that it was indeed his vomit. While I am undressing him for the bath, Declan had wondered off. All I heard was the heaving and then SPLAT! Declan had gone to the balcony and preceded to vomit between the spindles. Fortunately, most of it landed on the hardwood down below instead of on our NEW carpet. Don't get me wrong it was still a task to clean up. So to the tub they both went. A couple more rounds of vomiting ensue in the tub. But about the statue! Growing up I had a recurring dream when I would throw up in the night in my bed(I must have done it often, b/c I remember it so vividly). The dream was of myself becoming a statue. I stayed as still as possible b/c I was being covered with concrete (really vomit!). Is that soo disgusting or what? Evan woke this a.m. vomiting. Four down to two go! Matt left for Cancun first thing this morning, hopefully he will be able to get his work done before he gets hit w/this virus. And maybe I can escape this one! Who is gonna clean up after me? And care for the kids if I get it? Oh yeah, ME! HAPPY MONDAY!


Amy said...

Oh, you poor thing! I know, I's the kids that are sick, but still! I hope they all get better soon without passing it along to you.

Jenny B said...

Sorry you guys got it. So far, we are vomit free. Maybe we are the ones that brought it but it had been over a week since I had similar symptoms. We got the package of socks-if that is all we left behind, we did good!