Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Glenwood Springs Weekend 6-5-09

We had to bring out Carter's old leash. Declan was none to thrilled.
Stinky horse! Bekah, Evan & Carter getting ready to baord a horse drawn carriage in Aspen.

Riding the carriage in Aspen.

Rhett, Carter & Evan at Glenwood Springs Adventure Park.


Neldon B said...

Who are those losers you took with you on that vacation? Just kidding, we had a good time. The yard looks good too.

Nana said...

I can't wait to print these pics of "our babies". I know they do look so big, but, still very sweet and innocent most of the time. We enjoyed having you all come for a visit. The yard is looking so much better. You sould be so proud of a job well done. Looking forward to the finished product! Wow, Becca has grown so much. Very sweet kiddos. Love, Nana