Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Carter turns 6!

Carter is a defensive lineman on the Fury football team. Since he was 3 he has been talking about tackle football! Fortunately here in Denver kids can begin tackle football at the age of 6.
This football league really believes they are in the NFL. Carter has a practice uniform as well as a game uniform. He practices 3 nights a week with games every Saturday. This week he will play a Friday Night Game under the Big Lights, too bad it is supposed to snow!

A favorite gift from Grandma Jean is always Chucke Cheese tokens!

Someone always has to be a jokester.

Carter enjoyed frosting his own cake. I went all out and made him a checkerboard cake, vanilla & chocolate. We took Carter to dinner at Golden Coral after his football pictures. He had school the next day so we were unable to do anything fun afterwards.

(A bit late, but he hasn't changed much in the last month since turning 6. )

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Amy said...

6 already!? Are you serious? That's crazy. I had a girl in my aerobics class ask me today how long I've been a nurse. 6 yrs!?