Sunday, November 1, 2009

October 28, 2009 Seriously?

Dawson fell asleep while eating candy out of his bucket.

Declan trying on the spider costume, Does it look better with or without the glasses?
Evan & Dawson playing in the snow 10-28-09. Snow Day no school!

Dawson and Declan all geared up to play in the snow. If only they could see.

Here we go, where's the snow!

Dawsy trying out the monster with the glasses.

Carter as a Karate Kid.

Evan a mummy, Carter championship football player, Declan a green monster, Dawson a spider and me a crazy hat lady.

Denver Zoo on Halloween 2009


Don't get me wrong, we love most things about Colorado, but 18 inches of snow before Halloween! Come on! The babies were too distracted by the snow to actually make it up to many doors for trick or treating. And Carter was too interested in standing in the flowing water along the curb of all of the melted snow from the day. Halloween Day actually was a gorgeous 65 degrees. Perfect for a day at the Zoo, but by the time we got home from that the babies and Carter were tuckered out. Here are a few pictures from the day and leading up to trick or treating.

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Nana said...

Although the earlysnow is amazing, it is even more amazing how fst it goes away. It looks like you all had fun. The new little male looks very cute. Hope you get him trained soon. We loved our ne phone message. What sweet lttle voices.