Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Can't Get Enough of These Boys!

Declan Jacob, 28 months old
Dawson Norris, 28 months old

Best Buddies!



Here are some more pics of my babies. I cannot seem to let go of calling them babies, but as you can see they are no longer babies.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Glenwood Springs Weekend 6-5-09

We had to bring out Carter's old leash. Declan was none to thrilled.
Stinky horse! Bekah, Evan & Carter getting ready to baord a horse drawn carriage in Aspen.

Riding the carriage in Aspen.

Rhett, Carter & Evan at Glenwood Springs Adventure Park.

Have your kids ever done this?

Lately Dawson & Declan have been acting like dogs. They will beg for treats, bark like a dog, sit and stay. Do you think this is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from losing their Cosmo earlier in the year?

Still Very Much a Work in Progress, Stage II

More Pics of the Boys!

Before grass
Trees coming down

Beautiful trees, why did they have to cause so much trouble?

Big machine to grind the stumps of the naughty trees

Baren bacyard with no grass and no trees

More baren space

Working hard at ripping out choke cherry tress in hopes that they will be contracted to plant the replacements.

Evan & Daddy climbing a wall on top of Glenwood Springs adventure park.

Carter & Evan & Daddy climbing

Bug boys playing with goggles

Messy ragamuffin after getting into the oreos

What do you think? Is it me?

Carter trying to mimic the bug boys. Looks pretty realistic, praying mantis?