Friday, January 18, 2008

All in a Dream

Carter woke up this morning, "Where's my mustang mom?" I explained to him it was in storage for the winter, thinking he meant his power wheel. "No Mom. Remember the remote control one Dad gave me last night." Everything to Carter was "last night". Matt is out of town, so I know it wasn't really "last night". As Carter went on to explain he knew it all ocurred in a dream. But being 4, he doesn't understand that dreams are pretend. Needless to say he was perturbed. I wonder how long I will have to hear about this? When Evan was 4 the first dream we remember him telling us about was flying to China on a magic carpet w/ his Dad. But not his Matt Dad? We've yet to figure out who the Dad was that flew him to China. Every since then Evan is soo into anything Chinese. He loves Chinese food, books, chinese culture, language. He writes the chinese characters, he will visit China someday I'm sure.

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