Thursday, March 6, 2008

In a pinch....

In my quest to be Supermom some things slide. But in my efforts to get the house in "show condition" in as little as 45 minutes, as well as get all 4 kids out the door at lunch time, I have discovered short cuts. Two that I used just yesterday, fleece zipper pajamas make great dust rags! And the other shortcut that I am not so proud of, only because they should have already been folded and put away, is the laundry. I took a clean pile of unfolded clothes from my bed and put them back in the dryer! But I got all 4 kids packed up,fed,out the door and to the airport on time. What more can you ask for? I have a whole bag of "in a pinch tricks", but I will never put my covered cake pan in the oven, just to get it off of my counter top. The next time I turned my oven on, I melted the lid. Some short cuts are not worth taking!

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