Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carter's Transition

Carter has been having a bit of a difficult time transitioning into our new home, new state and not having Dad around. He still has many bloody noses almost daily d/t the dryness and elevation here in Colorado. We cannot tell you the population of our new city , but we can tell you the elevation is 6300 ft. In the midwest the city limit signs would tell the population, here in the west the signs tell you the elevation instead. Anyhow, Carter had all but masacred his "Grandma Jean" baby blanket so when grandma visited us this past weekend she took it home w/her to recessitate it. She did a fabulous job and returned it promptly(he freaks out during the night screaming and crying for it when he does not have it!). We have noticed Declan starting to carry around blankets or towels or aprons, whatever he can get his hands on. Declan also seems to be much more dependant on his pacifier. Dawson has learned to do w/o, if Dawson had one in his mouth Declan will always steal it, even if he already had his own. After months of this occurring, Dawson can pacify himself, while Declan hoards all the pacifiers.
We promised the boys that when we moved we would set up this fish tank. Carter chose a male and female Black Molly. He named them Wally & Molly. Evan chose a silver tip shark, who is as of yet unnamed. Once we determine that these fish are viable we will get them some decor.

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