Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slime, Off Roading & Green Sand........

Is it BECAUSE I have all boys or the REASON I have all boys that these things are all acceptable and fun to me? Carter got high centered in our yard of all places. The boys love the backyard, it has been unkempt for at least two years and is such a nightmare. But it's only temporary!
RED SLIME! It's great, easy to make, not very messy & very entertaining!
Not the most brilliant idea I have ever had, but again the boys love it(Dawson, not so much!) and we are only renting! Do you see a pattern here? Believe it or not, I am much less anal about the cleanliness of my home these days!
Can you say INCREDIBLE HULK? Fortunately most everything is washable with a little soap and water, including four boys that I know!(I'm really not stepping on Declan's toe like it appears in the picture.)

Gas(the petroleum kind) & Miralax!

The are very few things I have found to be cheaper in Colorado, but gasoline & Miralax seem to be exections. Who knew?

Carter's Transition

Carter has been having a bit of a difficult time transitioning into our new home, new state and not having Dad around. He still has many bloody noses almost daily d/t the dryness and elevation here in Colorado. We cannot tell you the population of our new city , but we can tell you the elevation is 6300 ft. In the midwest the city limit signs would tell the population, here in the west the signs tell you the elevation instead. Anyhow, Carter had all but masacred his "Grandma Jean" baby blanket so when grandma visited us this past weekend she took it home w/her to recessitate it. She did a fabulous job and returned it promptly(he freaks out during the night screaming and crying for it when he does not have it!). We have noticed Declan starting to carry around blankets or towels or aprons, whatever he can get his hands on. Declan also seems to be much more dependant on his pacifier. Dawson has learned to do w/o, if Dawson had one in his mouth Declan will always steal it, even if he already had his own. After months of this occurring, Dawson can pacify himself, while Declan hoards all the pacifiers.
We promised the boys that when we moved we would set up this fish tank. Carter chose a male and female Black Molly. He named them Wally & Molly. Evan chose a silver tip shark, who is as of yet unnamed. Once we determine that these fish are viable we will get them some decor.

Haircuts & Seperate Beds!

16 months old today! Matt has been threatening to cut the babies hair, so I took it upon myself before he got the chance. I cut 2 inches of curls off all over, still managing to salvage some curls. Why not change everything? We seperated the babies finally when we made the move. Declan is more agressive while Dawson is passive. So Declan would jump up and down on Dawson and wake him up or keep him up, not to mention help each other climb out of their crib. So they were in need of a change. We are still looking for a bed for them, so for now seperate pack-n-plays will work.They are growing up so fast!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Digging for Chocolate Chips

Evan & Carter went to The Dangerous Boys Club tonight at Barnes & Noble bookstore. They love The Dangerous Book for Boys so I thought this would be a fun & different thing to do. They started out on a scavenger hunt looking for insects around the children's book section. Then they made a T-Rex pop up card & then they excavated the chocolate chips out of chocolate chip cookies using tooth picks and brushes. All this plus they got treats. They had great fun and cannot wait until the next meeting next month.
I think by this point Carter was eating his artifacts.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ken-Caryl Valley

We went on an adventure today to Ken-Caryl Valley where awesome parks and trails abound. This particular park was full of climbing rocks that the boys couldn't get enough of.
Carter must have thought I was going to push him off of the rock by his expression. I was actually holding him back, he gets dangerously close to the edge.
Great fun!
Unfortunately this is what the babies and Nana got to do while we were playing on the rocks. Dawson on the left, Declan on the right.
Ev found this fun crevis where he ate his lunch.

Monday, June 2, 2008

We're Off!

It was quite a disappointment packing up our moving truck. Our stuff wouldn't fit in a 26' truck. So after taking 7 pick up truck loads to our storage unit we got a late start on our drive across the country. We had booked a hotel in Topeka Kansas so we had to make it at least that far on day one. We made it in a little less than 12 hours. Which was good considering we had 3 vehicles to keep gas in & 2 little bladders & 2 toddlers in carseats. The big boys enjoyed riding in the moving truck w/ Daddy the entire way! On Sunday we slept in and left for our final leg of our journey around 11am. We made it to middle of no where Hays Kansas. Hays boasts the most awesome Mcdonalds playland ever. The kids loved playing, but inclement weather was moving in so we took off in hopes of driving away from the TORNADO. Instead we drove right into it! Scary lightning, hale crazy wind , fires and Tornadoes. We kept driving even though the radio was asking that everyone take shelter including those in their cars. Where were we to go? And the babies? Honestly! We actually passed the official Storm Chaser mobile on the freeway, fortunately they were headed the opposite direction. We rolled in to our new city around 9pm just after dark. The kids traveled remarkably well! Our new place is interesting! It has it's issues, but overall the floorplan is wonderful and it is roomy enough for our needs. The boys seem to like their surroundings we got them library cards and found their new school. They are waiting for the neighborhood pool to warm up so that they can swim.Matt flew out this a.m. to Indianapolis for a couple of weeks. He has to rent another moving truck to haul the rest of our belongings and pull his Mustang. I landed a great job on a Labor & Delivery unit, I will start June 9th. We didn't bring the babies crib because they were climbing out of it. In the inter um of getting them a new bed we have set up both pack-n-plays in their room. We have actually separated them and they are sleeping just fine. We are on the hunt for new beds and dressers for them. Overall we are making a smooth transition, Carter is having the hardest time, but I think with a little extra love he will get through it. We are on the countdown for Daddy to come back!

Two weeks of Get-togethers & Good-byes!

It was a bitter sweet feeling saying goodbye to dear freinds. Please know that all are welcome to visit us in Colorado! We look forward to it!