Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Declan not to sure of the camera in his face.
Dawson being a ham. Dawson was not as patient as Declan, so he ended up with more of a mohawk.

Dawson & Declan showing off their bathtub mohawks.

Another shot of their bathtub mohawks, Dawson in front Declan behind.

Okay, so I was barely over the last wack job Matt performed on the Babies hair! I worked a 12 hour shift, get home at 8pm in time to put the kids to bed only to find that Daddy had decided to play Barber Shop at my babies expense. I was thrilled the their hair had grown back curly and was excited to take them for their 2 year pictures, until THIS! I guess I need to get over it, hair will grow back, I can only hope they hold on to those baby curls for awhile longer. I am the Barber in this house how dare he. He needs counseling anyway for his post traumatic stress disorder his mother caused by not cutting his hair as a child! Leave me and my children out of it!


Gage said...

that's awesome!

Amy said...

Awe, Heather, I think it's adorable!

Circus Ringleader said...

I know all about that. Austin called me one day at work telling me that Jason had about 20 burrs in his hair after going to his cousins house(lots of tall weeds). I came home to him buzzed!!! I was going to take him for pics a week later.

Jenny B said...

You crack me up! Your boys are cute no matter what! Have they cut their own hair yet-that is even worse?!