Monday, March 30, 2009

Snowy Spring Day!

The babes just watched from the window while the big boys played in the snow, that seemed to be good enough for them. They did however enjoy the same yummy lunch of alphabet tater tots and chicken nuggets. Notice they feel that they are too big for their highchairs!
Evan & Carter thought it was great that we were eating Evan & Carter for lunch. We experimented spelling all kinds of fun words including poop & dork and some other fabulous words.

Evan & Carter were outside for hours playing. I asked them to build a snowman out of the 12+ inches of snow we had. This is what Evan came up with! He thought is was great because it was portable? I didn't ask why that was so important. As long as he had fun, who am I to squander his plans.

They worked all day on building this "snow fort". It got to be quite tall, they were pretty proud of it!

Again a picture of the portable snowman in a different locale.


Jenny B said...

Neldon was pretty bummed to miss out on all of that snow!

Amy said...

I cannot get over how the twins are such big boys now! And Carter looks like he's catching up to Evan. You're doing a great job momma :)