Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Morning!

The Easter Bunny found our basement and hid the baskets there! The kids really did not question this seeing as though our backyard is muddy d/t no grass. The kids all ran to find their hidden treasures and this is what they found! The babies got a bubble blowing machine and some other random treats.
Evan got something educational,lots of sugar and a new toothbrush and tooth paste.

Carter got much of the same, something educational and sugary yada yada yada

Declan with the bubble machine. He chose the this over his basket of treats until he realized how much candy was involved.

Dawson with his treats.

We neglected to do our Easter tomb cookies this year, maybe tonight for FHE. At the last minute we decided to drive to Grandma Jeans early and go to church with her & Jerry. We then went to their home for a yummy Easter dinner. Grandma had a fun Easter Egg hunt in her basement for the kids. Warmer weather would have been nice, however we made good use of our basements!
As a family we watched The Ten Commandments movie, well part of it. Matt & I watched all of it. It is a 4 hour plus movie. I think the kids got the important parts!

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