Sunday, April 12, 2009

Random Snapshots That Say it ALL!

Dawson & Declan taking a ride in the Lazy Susan. You may also notice all of the fingerprints on the stove! Ugh, neverending!
They actually spin themselves around inside the Lazy Susan.

Carter's new look!
He asked me to take his picture and this is how he chose to pose.

Declan has such a big heart! They still sleep in the same bed, always touching!

Evan & Carter are SOOO into Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

They babes entertaining themselves in the car on our 11 hour road trip.

Dawson's new favorite place to sit while watching TV.
Disclaimer: Evan is content playing legos & reading or playing on the computer. We love him just as much as the other kiddos even though we do not snap pictures of him as often.

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Gage said...

I love that your boys spin themselves around the lazy susan. That's awesome! Where did you go that took 11 hours to drive?