Monday, March 30, 2009


Do you know what it means? I use this term generically b/c I don't know what else to call it. It is 3-6 times more likely to happen in boys, of which I have 4! How can I complain really, I have been blessed with boys who are excellent sleepers, great eaters, healthy & energetic, but at one point in their lives (I'm being generous, it has happened dozens of times it seems like) they have all done this. What you say? Well if you still haven't googled it, it means PLAYING IN POOP! What pray tell is the fascination? Not 1, but 3 times on Saturday I was cleaning up fecal messes caused by my children! Don't worry I didn't take pictures, it wouldn't have done the situation justice unless there was such a thing as scratch-n-sniff photos. It is terrible when one child does it, but even more terrible when two children are involved! Oh and Matt was skiing all the while I was sanitizing the kids and their toys and their bedding and their walls and the doors and their dresser and the floor vent and finally the kids and myself! Oh yah, Dawson & Declan have a thing with taking off the floor register covers and stashing things down them. Fortunately my search came up empty when I bravely checked. Until recently when people would make the comment DOUBLE TROUBLE when referring to my boys I would just smile or if I was having a particularly good day I would say "NO, DOUBLY BLESSED" back to them. I have to say the twins have been much harder the older they get. I know there will be a day, I'm hoping , when I will look back and laugh and wander where the years have gone. But for today I have to agree with the DOUBLE TROUBLE comments. Oh and yes if you are wandering I busted out the duck tape and have also started putting their diapers on backwards, just as I had to do with the older two!

Snowy Spring Day!

The babes just watched from the window while the big boys played in the snow, that seemed to be good enough for them. They did however enjoy the same yummy lunch of alphabet tater tots and chicken nuggets. Notice they feel that they are too big for their highchairs!
Evan & Carter thought it was great that we were eating Evan & Carter for lunch. We experimented spelling all kinds of fun words including poop & dork and some other fabulous words.

Evan & Carter were outside for hours playing. I asked them to build a snowman out of the 12+ inches of snow we had. This is what Evan came up with! He thought is was great because it was portable? I didn't ask why that was so important. As long as he had fun, who am I to squander his plans.

They worked all day on building this "snow fort". It got to be quite tall, they were pretty proud of it!

Again a picture of the portable snowman in a different locale.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Declan not to sure of the camera in his face.
Dawson being a ham. Dawson was not as patient as Declan, so he ended up with more of a mohawk.

Dawson & Declan showing off their bathtub mohawks.

Another shot of their bathtub mohawks, Dawson in front Declan behind.

Okay, so I was barely over the last wack job Matt performed on the Babies hair! I worked a 12 hour shift, get home at 8pm in time to put the kids to bed only to find that Daddy had decided to play Barber Shop at my babies expense. I was thrilled the their hair had grown back curly and was excited to take them for their 2 year pictures, until THIS! I guess I need to get over it, hair will grow back, I can only hope they hold on to those baby curls for awhile longer. I am the Barber in this house how dare he. He needs counseling anyway for his post traumatic stress disorder his mother caused by not cutting his hair as a child! Leave me and my children out of it!