Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What do you do in your spare time?

I just whipped together this fabulous slip cover for my ottoman. Hard telling when I will get my leather sectional, so I had to make do with my incredibly worn denim sofa. Who would make a slip-cover sofa and sew the slip-cover onto the furniture? I have no way of cleaning the stinking furniture except to spot clean it, so I decided to make a slip-cover. I am not ambitious enough to tackle the sofa so hopefully we can make do until Santa brings me my leather sectional.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Morning!

The Easter Bunny found our basement and hid the baskets there! The kids really did not question this seeing as though our backyard is muddy d/t no grass. The kids all ran to find their hidden treasures and this is what they found! The babies got a bubble blowing machine and some other random treats.
Evan got something educational,lots of sugar and a new toothbrush and tooth paste.

Carter got much of the same, something educational and sugary yada yada yada

Declan with the bubble machine. He chose the this over his basket of treats until he realized how much candy was involved.

Dawson with his treats.

We neglected to do our Easter tomb cookies this year, maybe tonight for FHE. At the last minute we decided to drive to Grandma Jeans early and go to church with her & Jerry. We then went to their home for a yummy Easter dinner. Grandma had a fun Easter Egg hunt in her basement for the kids. Warmer weather would have been nice, however we made good use of our basements!
As a family we watched The Ten Commandments movie, well part of it. Matt & I watched all of it. It is a 4 hour plus movie. I think the kids got the important parts!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Random Snapshots That Say it ALL!

Dawson & Declan taking a ride in the Lazy Susan. You may also notice all of the fingerprints on the stove! Ugh, neverending!
They actually spin themselves around inside the Lazy Susan.

Carter's new look!
He asked me to take his picture and this is how he chose to pose.

Declan has such a big heart! They still sleep in the same bed, always touching!

Evan & Carter are SOOO into Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

They babes entertaining themselves in the car on our 11 hour road trip.

Dawson's new favorite place to sit while watching TV.
Disclaimer: Evan is content playing legos & reading or playing on the computer. We love him just as much as the other kiddos even though we do not snap pictures of him as often.

Farewell Friend!

Taken this morning, Declan & Dawson watching TV with Cosmo.
We are very saddened by the sudden loss of our dear Cosmo. He had been losing weight rapidly and vomiting every since we left him for the weekend(last weekend). Prior to that we noticed his appetite dwindling. We took him to the vet, spent too much money, only to be told that there was nothing obvious wrong with him. So we put him on the famous boiled chicken & rice & cottage cheese diet, as we have had all of our boxers on at some point. This morning after a solid week of vomiting when the vet called to check on him we decided to take him in again. Matt explained to the boys that Cosmo was very sick and may not come home. Everyone said their good-byes and that was it. After doing some x-rays it was evident that he had multiple intestinal blockages requiring surgery(quite possibly cancerous tumors, we had no way of knowing w/o surgery & biopsies). Poor Matt had to make a decision, reluctantly we had to put him to sleep. We knew when we adopted Cosmo that our time with him would be limited because he was soo old, we didn't think it would only be 6 months. Just enough time for everyone to get really attached. The babies keep asking "Where Momo?" And Carter said he was "really worried about Cosmo because he really loved him". We explained that he was in 'Doggy Heaven" with Santana & Bella our other beloved boxers. We will miss our "Old Man Cosmo" dearly!