Friday, November 23, 2007

Few Differences

To date there are very few differences between the babies. Dawson got his first tooth 1 day before Declan. Declan saya DADADADADA. Dawson shakes his head NO all the time. We ask him silly questions and he shakes his head NO. We get a kick out of it. They are both getting blonde curly hair. Declan has had more ear infections and will be receiving tubes soon. Dawson had a bad spell of exzema, no ear trouble. It is diffiult to treat them as the individuals they are. I am certain as they grow older and develop bigger personalities they will beg for individualism. Maybe? This is all unfamiliar territory for us. Fun Stuff!


The Heiner Story said...

How would it be to have twins?? So fun to hear about the boys and their individual personalities!!

Nana said...

Nana thinks they are getting cuter and more identical everyday. They seem to draw energy from each other. They still like to be near each other. We just enjoy watching their development. Each day brings more excitement. Hope Grandma Jean enjoys her visit with them. Love, Nana