Friday, November 16, 2007

What have we created?

I guess it could be way worse. A funny story about Evan. As many of you know I have been purging "stuff" around the house lately. Well, I needed to get up into the attic to find the Halloween bin. The boys love it when we pull down the magical stairs that come down from the ceiling in the garage. They especially love to get up into the attic. Anyhow, as I was looking for the Halloween bin I got distracted and started throwing down garage sale items and bins full of clothes I needed to sort etc.. Next thing I know Evan had created 3 signs and taped them on the inside of the garage door. The signs read "KEEP", "SELL", "TOSS". He would ask, "which pile does this belong in"? Sound familiar? Needless to say he has been watching TLC and HGTV w/us. Evan's vocabulary and his comprehension of the goings on around him never ceases to amaze us. We are definitely raising a little Matt!

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