Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mediocre at Best

So these are the pictures we have to chose from for our Christmas cards. I guess for now we really cannot be choosey. The babies don't smile on demand for when a camera is involved and we were already hard pressed to get one good photo out of 75 or so even before the babies came along. So for now this will have to do.
Where's Matt's head? Carter was singing his ABC's and 123's.
I swear I did not drug Dawson.
The babies were cold and miserable. And Carter was supposed to be holding Declan? It is definitely a toss up as to which photo to use.


Gage said...

I like the one with all of you sitting on the bench w/ Matt's head in the picture. I think it's cute!

Sandy said...

these are great! I love your greeting card photos. I have one up on my fridge as we speak!

Melissa said...

Family pictures are always frustrating. Good luck choosing!

The Heiner Story said...

Far from mediocre!!! I love the last two, although all of them are cute.