Saturday, April 19, 2008

Best Buck I EVER Spent!

This morning before anyone was awake I went garage saleing (made up word, I know. It makes sense to me, it is a verb) and I found this Colts helmet for Carter. If you know Carter, he is destined to play Pro football! Everything is about Colts and tackling. The helmet is great for riding his scooter or rollerblading or riding his bike, all of which he has already done in the few hours that he has been wearing it.
Opening Day of soccer, technically it was last Saturday, but the fields were under water. Today it just rained on us the whole game. Carter's favorite part was the game end snacks! Bytheway, Carter was talked to by his coach about being too rough and tackling, so he ran and fell and rolled around w/o technically tackling anybody but himself.

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