Friday, April 11, 2008


I thought that I couldn't wait for the sun to shine, but I attempted a garage sale today and now I am not so sure. It went great in the first 2 hours, tons of people came out and most everyone bought something. Then the babies got tired of being in their pack-n-play on display. It was supposed to be a miserable rainy day today. So I thought no big deal I will keep the sale all in the garage so that when it does in deed start to rain I will just close the door and call it a day. Not so! It is beautiful, the people kept coming, no longer buying anything and the babies progressively got fussier and fussier. So I put the babies right inside the door in the family room w/ Carter as their entertainer. That lasted for about 10 minutes. I was running low on change anyway, so we all got in the car and headed out for change. When we got home the babies were asleep, great. I thought I would give the garage sale thing another go. Wrong the babies started to scramble, so I thought I would ease them out of their carseats and gently put them down in their bed for their afternoon nap. Wrong again. They are just a jabbering away, no sleep for them this afternoon. I don't dare try to open the garage door for fear what the babies will get into in their room. They are getting to be such rascals. Walking just enough to be dangerous.

I used to love having garage sales, the cost seems to outway the benefit. I will always love to shop at them though! The babies are so active and going in opposite directions, what is one person to do?


Heathelyn said...

You are so brave to attempt a garage sale by yourself with such young babies!! LOL! I love that they still sleep laying on each other. That is just so CUTE!

Jenny B said...

Do they always snuggle that like that? They grow up too fast! I was watching Austin play last night and can't believe that he will be 7 months old this week.

Amy said...

They look so big in that last picture. I guess they are getting big though, huh? I don't know from experience, but I bet you'll be able to do the garage sale thing again in a few years. The boys are just in that phase right now where you can't take your eye off them. Until then...I enjoy getting the garage sale left-overs :)