Friday, September 19, 2008

Children & Politics

We have had some very interesting conversations lately. Evan & Carter have both asked "which team I am on?" They don't know the names of the teams, only that Obama is the leader on one team and John McCain is the leader of the other team. Denver hosted the DNC, but we didn't really talk about that much. I wander how much they get in school about the election? Or more importantly on the bus? They both want McCain to win. Carter cannot tell you why, but Evan said, "Duh mom, Obama is African American." I then asked him what that meant to him. He rolled his eyes and said, "that means he was born in Africa and now he lives in America, get it AFRICAN AMERICAN. SO he cannot win because you cannot be President of the United States if you weren't born here." So simple in the eyes of an 8 year old.


Nana said...

I don't remember my kids being interested in politics. Maybe there is some aspirations in their future. That was so cute. I am glad they are thinking and talking about current events. That is so funny. The new background is pretty and very green. Today is MOVING DAY TO DENVER. We are happy for you and wished we could help you. Save something for us to help with. I got my vacation sched for Dec 23-5th of Jan. Now I will get the tickets. Love, Nana

Melanie said...

I was laughing out loud about the "African American" statement from Evan. What a cutie.

Indy Daleys said...

I knew I loved your children :)