Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Great to be 8! From booster seat to Baptism!

Evan is now 8! Which means two big milestones. In the state of Indiana he is now legal to lose his booster seat! Being 8 also means that he can now be baptized, even bigger MILESTONE!
Matt and Evan in front of the church Baptism Day April 27th, 2008.
Matt & Evan in their baptism clothing.
Happy 8th Birthday Evan! April 24th, 2000! We opened presents as a family then took Evan to the dinner of his choice, a chinese buffet. He wanted crab legs & sushi. So crab legs & sushi we ate. To top it off his other wish was to stay up ats late as he wanted watching a movie marathon. Since he didn't have school on Friday, his wish was granted. He received Tom & Jerry and the Smurfs on DVD for his birthday. I turned the DVD off at 1215am and he was zonked. I don't know exactly how long he was awake.
Just a random shot as we were settling the boys down for bed. Carter, Matt & Dawson on the left, Declan on the right sitting in the boys' club chair.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More of the Infamous Helmet

Evan even got into the spirit.
Carter strumming to his own beat. Apparently this is how lefties play the guitar?
We can almost always count on Carter to entertain the babies. Although, they are not babies anymore. They are now 14 months old! I have yet to get their 1 year pictures taken, someone always has a bump, bruise or scratch on their face. I will work on that this week.

Best Buck I EVER Spent!

This morning before anyone was awake I went garage saleing (made up word, I know. It makes sense to me, it is a verb) and I found this Colts helmet for Carter. If you know Carter, he is destined to play Pro football! Everything is about Colts and tackling. The helmet is great for riding his scooter or rollerblading or riding his bike, all of which he has already done in the few hours that he has been wearing it.
Opening Day of soccer, technically it was last Saturday, but the fields were under water. Today it just rained on us the whole game. Carter's favorite part was the game end snacks! Bytheway, Carter was talked to by his coach about being too rough and tackling, so he ran and fell and rolled around w/o technically tackling anybody but himself.

Friday, April 11, 2008


I thought that I couldn't wait for the sun to shine, but I attempted a garage sale today and now I am not so sure. It went great in the first 2 hours, tons of people came out and most everyone bought something. Then the babies got tired of being in their pack-n-play on display. It was supposed to be a miserable rainy day today. So I thought no big deal I will keep the sale all in the garage so that when it does in deed start to rain I will just close the door and call it a day. Not so! It is beautiful, the people kept coming, no longer buying anything and the babies progressively got fussier and fussier. So I put the babies right inside the door in the family room w/ Carter as their entertainer. That lasted for about 10 minutes. I was running low on change anyway, so we all got in the car and headed out for change. When we got home the babies were asleep, great. I thought I would give the garage sale thing another go. Wrong the babies started to scramble, so I thought I would ease them out of their carseats and gently put them down in their bed for their afternoon nap. Wrong again. They are just a jabbering away, no sleep for them this afternoon. I don't dare try to open the garage door for fear what the babies will get into in their room. They are getting to be such rascals. Walking just enough to be dangerous.

I used to love having garage sales, the cost seems to outway the benefit. I will always love to shop at them though! The babies are so active and going in opposite directions, what is one person to do?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Soup's on!

What a blah day! Overcast and cold, I am surrounded by green snot, diarrhea and vomit! Happy Spring Break! Could it hurry up and get warm already?!
Chicken and stars for everyone! Daws enjoyed making a mess of it, I am not sure how much of it he actually ate aside from what I fed him.
And Declan ejoyed the mess making portion of lunch and ate even less.
Poor Buggy not feeling well decided to take a nap on the hard floor.
Carter ate it and then vomited! Notice his barf bucket on the table.

Belated Easter photo

Not the best photo ever, but hey everyone was looking at the camera! I am holding Dawson and Matt is holding Carter & Declan, then Evan, who after 10 pictures was trying to hide behind the chair.