Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nursery, Here we come!

Oh Glorious Day! Declan & Dawson waiting at the front door for church. Declan has become our little Lynus, always carrying a blanket around. They did fabulous their first day in nursery, Matt & I did as well!


Evan & Carter celebrating Carter's birthday at Jungle Quest, having a zip line race.
In the Jungle Tree House.
Carter opening presents at the home we may or may not buy(we were there for the inspection).
New Carterisms: I have to check the FEVER outside! Having a brother isn't as horrible as I thought it might be! Hi s favorite number is 5,500- everything is 5,500. He absolutely loves school he says, "it's learning me a lot"! He seems to be doing well in all his left handed ways, with writing and coloring and all, much easier than Evan did at this age. Can't wait to see if the babies are going to be left handed, I wonder what the odds are of having 4 left handed kids w/ right handed parents? Life is never a bore w/ Carter around, he truly is our spitfire!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008


What else do we do we have all of our toys out? Climb & play with empty containers I guess. Dawson in the box, Declan on the box.
Dawson cheesing for the camera. I pulled out the camera, since we are homebound today. Cold and rainy on a Sunday with Daddy out of town and Mommy sick?
Declan didn't want to be left out. Declan & Dawson think they are soo cool they got a hold of my camera. Good thing the battery is dead.

Carter Goes to SCHOOL!

Carter began shool this past week! He is in afternoon kindergarten, so we have to drive him in the afternoon, but he gets to ride the bus home. Evan is on year-round school and was off track for Carter's first week of school, but typically they will be riding the bus home together. The bus stop is around the corner & out of site from our front porch which kind of worries me, but of course the boys love being out of site. Hummm I wonder why? On a side note, Carter is quite the ladies man. His teacher is Hot! He likes MRS. Whalen!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Alas, Time to Resurface!

Back to reality, after 4 1/2 days of fantasy my book is over. While I am elated at the outcome it saddens me deeply to know that there will be no more vampire/werewolf stories coming, only a movie in Dec.! I am unsure how Hollywood could do it justice, but I will see as soon as it comes out. My house is sooo ridiculously neglected, as I also worked two nights while reading this book, meaning I absolutely did nothing besides eat, sleep, work and READ. So unlike me to read, Matt knew it was only temporary(this was the last of the series), he knew better than to say anything. Nothing would have stopped me. Now I have to focus on getting my home back in order and preparing for a talk I have to give in church on Sunday. If only I could transfer all of that gumption to my new tasks at hand!